Cookies Policy

This website and all those accessible through the domain (hereinafter, the “Website”) use own and third-party cookies. Below, information is provided on what cookies are, for what purposes they are used on this Website and how they can be set or disabled.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files or devices that are downloaded to a user’s computer during their visit to a website for the purpose of storing and recovering data.

For what purposes are they used on this Website?

Like most websites on the internet, this Website uses cookies to:

  • Establish levels of protection and security that prevent or hamper cyberattacks on this Website or its users.
  • Personalise and facilitate the user’s browsing experience as much as possible. Cookies are associated with an anonymous user and their computer and do not provide references that would allow for the personal data of the user to be obtained.
  • Statistically monitor the activity of the Website in order to make improvements in its content based on the analysis of the usage data provided by users.

What kind of cookies are installed on this Website?

Additionally, the forms for appointments and visits to the exhibition hall are protected by reCAPTCHA, a Google system that allows us to identify whether these forms come from natural persons or robots, in order to avoid the mass reception of requests. For this purpose, Google processes the personal data of users who make requests, about which you can obtain more information in Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

How can cookies be configured or rejected?

Given that cookies are not necessary for the use of this Website, they can be blocked or disabled by configuring the browser in such a way to reject the installation of all cookies or some of them.

The user can configure their browser to reject the installation of cookies sent by this Website without prejudice to the possibility of the user accessing the contents. However, we note that, in any case, the quality of the functioning of the website may be reduced.

Below are the cookie configuration instructions for the main browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings. For more information, see Microsoft support or the Help option within the browser.
  • Safari: Preferences > Security. For more information, see Apple support or the Help option within the browser.
  • Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > History > Custom settings. For more information, see Mozilla support or the Help option within the browser.
  • Chrome: Settings > Show advanced options > Privacy > Content settings. For more information, see Google support or the Help option within the browser.

It is also possible to refuse Google Analytics cookies by using the following link to disable Google Analytics.

Updates and changes to cookies policy

This Website may modify this cookies policy according to legislative or regulatory requirements or in order to adapt it to the instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Therefore, users are advised to visit it regularly.